18 August, 2009

Day 205 to as far as I get... (213, it appears)

I'm kinda tired today (but not as much as the last couple days where I fell asleep on the couch well before 10 p.m. and only got up to go to bed - guess I needed some sleep!!) but I figure that while I'm sitting here downloading stuff, I may as well get started on the three weeks of P365 pictures that I need to post this week!

First I'm going to post a pic that's not part of my set.  I liked this picture but it didn't make P365.  It's of Xander and Evan playing on the slide.  It was so cute - Xander was catching Evan at the end.  How sweet!

Day 205 (July 24):
My little supervisor hard at work again!  Gotta make sure all is going well with the hole at church.  They were starting to put up the foundation forms in this picture.

Day 206 (July 25):
This was the big football game day!  A bunch of my family went the the Rider - Eskies game.  My sister and brother-in-law came in from Manitoba (he's an Eskies fan - boo!) and my brother and sister-in-law were down from Turtleford.  My brother took his two oldest girls (one wanted to go and the other got dragged along!).  Jason took Xander to his first game while I got to stay home with Evan.  Jason's sister and her husband also went to this game so we were well represented.  Of course Jason's brother-in-law has yet to see a Rider win live so this game, naturally went poorly ;) !  (Sorry, Craig).  Xander's first game didn't go so well, either.  He didn't have terribly much fun (not as much as the car races) and wanted to go home after the first touchdown.  He did like the fireworks, though, but fell asleep just as the fourth quarter began.  Oh well, the memory of it is much better for him than the original was!  He was likely a bit too young, still.

Day 207 (July 26):
I wasn't creative so this is the front of our bulletin from church.  This is what we do every Sunday and we love it.  I've been attending this church for almost 13 years now and have seen so many changes.  It's a very exciting place to be!

Day 208 (July 27):
Monday was the first day of Xander's first swimming lessons.  He got to be a Sea Turtle.  It is a transitional period where the parents still go in the water with them for the first while so I didn't get any pictures at the pool.  These are his swim trunks.  It's amazing how much the chlorine faded them over just two weeks!  He did have a lot of fun, though.

Day 209 (July 28):
This is the before picture of our bedroom.  The hours on that raspberry coloured shag were almost up.  It was about time!!  I am so happy to be rid of it.  Especially the parts that were faded - they were kind of a dirty brown.  But, when you do renos, you gotta be sure to get the before pic!!

Day 210 (July 29):
There it is - the old carpet - out in the garbage pile!  Yay!!  No more ugly raspberry shag.  In fact, they plywood underneath was a huge improvement!  We also got rid of the major squeaks by actually screwing down the subfloor in several places - even better!

Day 211 (July 30):
This was my big excitement - two raspberries!!  After I've killed several bushes and then had the wasps eat them all, I finally got to have some raspberries.  Xander was pretty excited, too.  He loves to check to see if anything is growing and ripe.  We've gotten a few handfuls since then but you can't expect much from three little bushes!

Day 212 (July 31):
Jason took the day off to come to swimming lessons with us and start on the floor so I could actually take some pictures at the pool.  There were fun and games at swimming and this one involved dumping pails of water (or putting body parts in it).  Xander really did well and even got over some of his fear of laying on his back and putting his ears in the water!

Day 213 (August 1):
This is the day the floor went it!  It looks so good.  It's lighter than it appears in this picture.  Evan was having fun trying to put the pieces together, too.  Really it's just a giant jigsaw puzzle!  It is so much nicer to walk on than the floating laminate floor we have, too.  It just feels so much more sturdy and solid.

Well, my downloads are done so I think I'll stop there.  I'm pretty tired so I hope I haven't been rambling too much.  I should probably get some sleep.

Until next time...

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