21 August, 2009

Day 214 to, oh, 220 or so - depends what I feel like...

Well, it's quiet for the moment so I thought I'd do a bit of blogging.  

If you're here for the QP freebie, it's one post down.

It's been a nice quiet week, which is great because last week was crazy with VBS and the two weeks before that were swimming lessons.  We'll have a nice couple weeks before the busyness of back-to-school comes.  It's funny how we don't have any kids in school yet but that still seems to dictacte our time to some extent anyways.  I guess a lot of that is due to the fact that church runs very much on a school year, as well, and that is a lot of what keeps us busy!  We were down there today and the building project is buzzing along (I'm not sure if it's going as fast as they'd like, but I doubt it...it is a construction project after all!).  They are putting up the steel beams??  I don't really know what they're called, but they were using a mobile crane and it was pretty cool.  Xander wasn't particularly impressed (though he did get a candy from Pastor Bill-shhh it's a secret).  I, on the other hand, have never watched a crane like that close up so I thought it was pretty cool.  They even had to block off half the street and detour people around the block.  It was a beautiful day today, though, so it was a great day for a walk down there.  There's been so much rain lately, that it's just been crazy.  It was funny because you can tell what the weather's like when your 3 year old asks why God didn't make it windy or rainy today!!

Anyway, let's move on to some pictures...

Day 214 (August 2):
Here is Xander saying good-night to Evan.  They may hate me for these pictures when they're older but they are so cute when Evan goes to bed.  They have to say good-night to each other and give kisses.  It's really sweet to see them be nice to each other!

Day 215 (August 3):
Xander actually took this picture (since I'm the one changing Evan' diaper) but I just had to use it.  It's so different when your brother is taking a picture.  Xander told Evan to smile and this is what he got.  I tell Evan to smile and he hides/runs away/ignores me!!  It's a totally cute picture, though!

Day 216 (August 4):
These are my kitchen doors - all painted.  Yay!  Now, they're almost all up but some of them are a little less painted than they used to be.  I was so glad to be done with this so now I can get everything back to normal and set up the way it's supposed to be and looking much neater!

Day 17 (August 5):
Evan started playing patty cake by himself and he was so cute saying r-o-o it (can't really do l's yet).  I didn't get a very good picture of him but, of course, Xander had to copy him and wanted me to take his picture!  So, here is Xander playing patty cake.

Day 218 (August 6):
After swimming lessons this Thursday, Xander had his first trip to the dentist.  I wasn't sure if they would even do anything so I didn't take my camera.  I totally regret that decision!!  I had an appointment first and they had toys and a blanket for him to sit on.  He wasn't going to let them do anything to him (he was a bit tired and this was new).  That was, until the dentist came in.  He bribed Xander with stickers and gum and that was enough.  Xander got right up in the chair and let them clean his teeth, give him fluoride and even let the dentist check him.  No cavities!  This is his nice, clean, cavity-free smile after we got home!

Day 219 (August 7):
This was the very last day of swimming lessons.  This is Xander getting his very first ever report card.  He passed sea turtles with no problems.  He loved his teachers and did really well the second week when they went in by themselves (I had to bribe him the first time but after that it was no problem!)  He's been asking about taking them again but I think we'll wait until next summer.  We'll just have to go swimming some more!

Day 220 (August 8):
There was another LEGO display at the Science Centre this summer.  It was on transportation.  I love LEGO and LEGO models.  It is so cool what you can do with these little building blocks.  There were planes and space ships and trains and cars and boats.  The boys enjoyed it somewhat but they're still a bit little.  They did like the race car made of LEGO that they could sit in, though.  This picture is the thing I thought was the coolest - the way they made the folded up sails.  It was really neat.

Day 221 (August 9):
Here is a picture of our finished bedroom.  This is a little darker than the floor (and furniture) really is but that's what happens with a picture.  You get the idea, anyway.  I totally love our floor.  It's so pretty and, unlike the floating laminate downstairs, feels really solid.  I love that feeling (better than the moving laminate, anyway).  We also managed to get rid of the major squeaks so I am really happy about that.  Now, I can't wait to get the bedding and do the rest of the room up!!

Day 222 (August 10):
This was the first day that Auntie (Xander's regular babysitter) was on vacation.  That meant that he got to go to Auntie Jodi's and play with Lucas - and they play hard.  The combination of playing so hard and it being hot and not having a nap just wiped him out.  He was so tired the last couple of weeks from spending all that time with his cousin.  He loved it, though.  He really does sleep all poker straight like that, too, sometimes.  It looks uncomfortable to me!

Day 223 (August 11):
This was the day I was taking pictures for my Scrapping Survivor layout.  I had to make people "eat bugs" so I thought I'd do the whole family.  I had to get pictures of everyone with their mouth open and tongue out.  This was a cute one that I got of Evan.  Not the one I ended up using but still very cute!

Day 224 (August 12):
This was the first day of our Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year.  We were out on Willow Island instead of at the church.  It was a lot of fun but definitely different to do just a one day thing rather than a whole week.  That presented other challenges and meant that kids didn't get to do some things like memorizing verses.  I think they all had fun, though, and God held off the rain for those two days!!  (It also wasn't 33C like it was the day before).  This was my area.  I was in charge of registration.  The first day was a schmozz.  It was more kids, younger kids and our system wasn't as good as it was the second day.  But, we got everyone registered and onto the island so I guess it was a success!  Apparently you could hear us throughout the park, too, so I guess more people than just those on the island got to hear the gospel. :)

Day 225 (August 13):
This was the second day of VBS.  It was the older kids (grades 3 to 6) so they got to stay on the island a little longer and got to have a campfire after supper.  It was a little more like camp that way, which is fun, too.  This is a picture of the campfire with the Legislative Building in the background.  I think it turned out very pretty.  It's also quite amazing just how big that fire pit is.  You can't really tell until you see the wood inside and how small the fire is!!

Day 226 (August 14):
Here is Evan looking at a photo book of the Berkan family.  He loves to look at this book and find Daddy and Papa, mostly...oh, I guess himself and Xander, too.  As you can see, he has started to get a little hard on it, though, so I had to put a stop to his looking.  I didn't want to, but I also don't want him to wreck the book!

Day 227 (August 15):
We went to Home Depot to look for register covers and something else.  I'm not sure what, though.  They were having some big to do.  I don't really know why, but they had donuts and coffee and water and juice.  They also had balloons but there was only one left so the boys had to share.  It mostly goes OK, except that Evan ignores it until Xander wants it.  However, at this moment, they were actually playing together and sharing the balloon.  That's about how long it lasted, though.  The strange thing is, it's now a week later and that balloon has barely lost any air.  I wonder why?

Anyway, I think this is a good place to stop.  I only have the past week to do now, so I'm mostly caught up.  Yay for me!!  I think I should go put another door on the kitchen cabinets, as well.

Until next time...


  1. The pictures are great! Love the one of Evan laughing - that is so how cute he is when he laughs!!

  2. Your bedroom looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it up close and personal on Friday!