04 August, 2009

Days 193 to 204

Pictures, pictures, pictures...I guess I should post some, eh?  I hate getting behind on stuff, I never seem to be able to catch up too well.

I have a headache today (kids are being a challenge and work is a beast lately!!).  I have picked bedding to go with my new flooring in my bedroom so I just have to order it and then pick paint colours...this is really exciting!  It will be nice having a pretty bedroom.  I even practiced making my bed this morning!  Xander's swimming lessons are half done and going quite well (at least on the days he's not being obstinate).  He has made progress with his comfort on his back in water so that's great!

Anyway, here are some pictures...

Day 193 (July 12):
We were playing outside Sunday evening and I tried to take some different pictures of the boys playing.  This is Evan on the swings.  He really loves to swing and I absolutely love how this picture turned out!

Day 194 (July 13):
Jason played a game of Warhammer this night.  I've always meant to take a picture of his "dolls" but I've always forgotten.  This was the night that I remembered.  These models are just a couple of inches high and I'm always amazed at the detail that they get on them.  I definitely can't see well enough to do that!

Day 195 (July 14):
Evan and I stayed home alone this day.  Jason, his dad, his brother-in-law, his nephew and Xander all went down to Estevan to attend a car race.  Kenny Wallace (a somtimes NASCAR Cup Series driver) was racin' the dirt track.  They didn't get home until about 1:40 a.m.  Evan would never have survived that so he and I stayed home.  He was so cute when he decided to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch.  He never does that!

Day 196 (July 15):
This evening, Jason decided to finally get rid of the post in the backyard.  While it was kinda pretty, it was in the way of this tree stump.  In order to have the stump ground out so it quits growing, we have to remove the post!  It wasn't actually as hard as I thought it might (Jason might have a different opinion, though).

Day 197 (July 16):
This was some work I brought home on the weekend.  This big project that I'm working on has made all others go by the wayside so home it came at times.  This is my laptop and the files that I had to bring home.  I remember the days when it felt so important to have a work laptop...that's worn off nearly 10 years later!!

Day 198 (July 17):
It was off to watch the work at the church again.  The little machine there is hauling sand to the bottom to level off the ground so they can pour the foundation.  I love my eldest's "supervisor stance".  He'll make a good inspector some day!  Evan has discovered his love for big machines through this process, too!

Day 199 (July 18):
I finally got my drawers in (or at least the two that fit).  I love how the new handles look.  Unfortunately, I don't know how long the paint job will last.  The drawers are tight fitting so it is wearing off in spot already.  Oh well.  Next...the doors.

Day 200 (July 19):
We were out playing in the yard and I got this picture of Xander.  It was extremely fuzzy but he has such a great, joyful expression that I tried to edit it to make the blurriness less noticeable.  I think I may have to work on it some more!

Day 201 (July 20):
Evan finally began reading books.  It took him a lot longer to pick this up than it did Xander.  Now, we have bedtime stories and this animal book is one of his favourites!  He's even started making some of the animal noises.

Day 202 (July 21):
This is my gym.  I try to go three times a week and it works sometimes.  It's actually started working a bit better now that I can go on my lunch hour (once a week, anyway).  I love going, though, and always feel so much better when I get my three times a week in.  Summer messes this up, a lot, though!!

Day 203 (July 22):
This is one of my favourite ways to eat ice cream...in sandwich form.  I could eat these all day...so yummy!

Day 204 (July 23):
This was a day that I babysat for a friend of ours.  They play quite well together with my kids.  They always have a great time playing in the yard and filling the front end loader with sand, then dumping it was a favourite game!!

Well, that's all the photos I have ready right now so I will have to do more later this week (hopefully - unless time gets away from me!)

Until next time...

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