24 August, 2009

Guinevere's Beauty

Well, my husband is at the AC/DC concert tonight (which apparently can be heard all over the city!) so the boys and I are on our own.  I've got them in bed and figure that I'd better blog about the most fun kit I've been using!  I've also got some other LOs at the end of the post, if you're interested!

So, I've got a new kit to tell you about!  Scraps of Ellay has just put a new kit into her store over at STS called Guinevere's Beauty.  I really love this kit and it uses some of the same colours I plan to decorate my bedroom in!  I thought that was kind of cool.  It's a really pretty kit with some medieval feeling elements to it (but not in a theme-y way).  I did a couple (what I think are) really neat pages with it!  Here they are...

Here is a preview of the entire kit.  You can go to her STS store here to pick it up!  Also, as a limited time special there is a free add-on that you get when you buy the kit!!  There's a preview of that below the full kit...AND if you got to LA's blog now, there is a freebie quick page for you there!  That's a whole lotta goodies!

Now, here are a few other pages that I've done lately.  For some reason I haven't been feelin' the groove too much so I haven't gotten a ton of pages done.  I think it's because I finished my last book and I'm not sure which I'm working on yet so I'm not scrapping with purpose!  Some of these pages turned out pretty cute, though.

The first page is my Survivor Week 4 LO.  The one where we had to "eat bugs".  I actually think it turned out kinda cute!  I've done my week 5 LO, too, but I'm not gonna share it until later this week!
Kit - My Soft Garden by Mimilou
Alpha - Dirty Boy Alpha by Misty Cato
Worm photo by Polandeze

This next one was for a speed scrap over at GingerScraps.  I've been missing these lately, mostly because I'm busy and forgetful!  I really need to attend more because there have been some awesome ones that I've missed out on!!
Kit - Take A Dip by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Nibbles Skribbles

This last page was for a quote challenge at STS.  I saw the quote and knew exactly what pictures to use.  Jason was always saying how we take Evan thousands of kms from home and all he wants to do is play with rocks or the buckles on his stroller.   I think it's really because these are all wonders to a child!
Kit - Take A Dip by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Nibbles Skribbles
Template - Template Set #9 by Binty Designs

That's all for now, anyway.  It's getting late and I would think that Jason should be home relatively soon from the concert.  At least it didn't rain!  I should be able to get caught up with my pictures on Thursday so I'm excited about that.  I'm starting to get caught up on a few things around here!  Guess that means it's time to start more projects, right... ;).

Until next time...

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  1. I love the pages you do for the boys. I can't wait for them to look through their books when they're older!