16 August, 2009

A new kit by Scraps of Ellay!

Well, it was a busy and exhausting week last week.  I helped at VBS on Wednesday and Thursday but that meant I had to work Friday.  I was not very motivated and, as I told Jason, it really sucks having a two day weekend like everyone else does!!  I'm just not used to it anymore.  So, here it is, Sunday night already and I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I did get a couple of the doors back on my cupboards and they even fit (sort of)!  I also got a lot of paper stuff organized this weekend and that's awesome because it has been sitting around forever.  I'm trying to get my craft room presentable now that all the kitchen stuff is out.  Just another in my endless string of projects!

Anyway, Scraps of Ellay has a new kit this week and it's free on her blog!  You'll get it in parts, as usual, and I will even have a quick page for you this week (if I remember to upload it).  This new kit is called Gypsy.  It's full of really rich colours and quite a bit of bling!  It's a beautiful kit but life has only let me get one LO done with it!  It went perfect with the sepia of one of our family pictures that we had done a few weeks back.
You can check out the preview below and go to her blog here to start collecting it!!

I also have about 3 weeks of P365 photos edited and ready to post (which would get me caught up...yay!!) so I will likely be back Wednesday or so to do at least some of them.

Until next time...

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